Dr. Saurabh Prasad (Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Current Students:

img-3935 Farideh Foroozandeh Shahraki (PhD student)
jordan_bowman_photo Jordan Bowman (MS student)
souvick Souvick Mukherjee (PhD student)
Nikhil Makkar (MS student)

Graduated students:

Xiong Zhou, 2017 (PhD); Dissertation: Subspace learning and Deep Learning based Domain Adaptation for Hyperspectral Image Analysis.

Hao Wu, 2017 (PhD); Dissertation: Semisupervised Deep Learning for Hyperspectral Image Analysis.

Minshan Cui, 2015 (PhD); Dissertation: Subspace Learning and Sparse Representations for Robust Image Analysis.

Yuhang Zhang, 2015 (PhD); Dissertation: Sparse Representations and Information Fusion for Multi-Sensor Image Analysis.

Lifeng Yan, 2016 (MS); Thesis: Optimal Subspace Learning for Hyperspectral Image Analysis.

Jieilian Guo, 2016 (MS); Thesis: Superpixel driven spatial context for active learning with hyperspectral image analysis.

Tanu Priya, 2014 (M.S.); M.S. Thesis: Superpixels for Hyperspectral Image Analysis.

Wei Li, 2012 (PhD); Dissertation: Pattern Classification and Reconstruction for Hyperspectral Imagery (Now a post-doc at the University of California – Davis).

Minshan Cui, 2011 (M.S.); M.S. Thesis: Genetic Algorithms based Feature Selection and Decision Fusion for Robust Remote Sensing Image Analysis

Vishal Jain, 2011 (M.Tech) as Co-advisor for M.Tech at the Indian Institute of Technology at Delhi.

Hemanth Kalluri, 2009 (M.S.): Fusion of Spectral Reflectance and Derivative Information for Robust Hyperspectral Land-Cover Classification (Now with Optech International).

Visiting students and other students working with us:

Paike Xu (Recipient of the 2012 UH-Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship)

Abhishek Patwari (Visiting summer intern), Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India

Hariom Yadaw (Visiting summer intern), Indian Institute of Technology, Patna, India

Zhen Ye (Co-advised visiting PhD student with Dr. James Fowler and Dr. Mingyi He), Mississippi State University and Northwestern Polytechnical University (China)

Vineetha Ayarpulli (Committee member for PhD), Mississippi State University

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